if punk is dead explain to me why i am right here

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Neck Deep- Silver Lining (x)

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Do you agree with real friends about high waisted shorts? Do you like anime? What are your hobbies? What kind of candy do you like? Do you like jalapeños? What about popcorn? Do you do drugs? Do you smoke cigarettes or drink? What's your favorite color? Can you fly? On a scale of one to ten how much do you like coffee? Do you love anyone? If so, how much do they mean to you? Do you like owls? Do you have any tattoos?

So many questions! But I’m happy to answer them :)

I do not agree with Real Friends. High waisted shorts are sexy as heck.

I do like anime! My favorites right now are probably Attack on Titan and Death Note.

My hobbies? I play a lot of music. I play guitar, bass, and some piano. And I’m always practicing my vocals.

I like sour candy the most.

Jalapeños are fantastic. I love popcorn and I recently tried out jalapeño popcorn and it’s fantastic.

I do not do drugs anymore, but I do smoke cigarettes and drink occasionally.

My favorite color is green.

I wish I could fly.


I do love a certain special someone and they mean the absolute world to me.

I like the idea of owls if that makes sense. I think they’re rad, but ever since one made a nest outside my window I’ve hated all birds haha.

I do not have any tattoos at the moment, but I’m setting up an appointment for next week :)

Thank you for the questions!


Getting better at selfies.

I swear I’m almost 22.

What do you guys think of high waisted shorts?


Send them back to 1993.


This is pop punk in one picture.

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